Monday, 16 October 2017

2K17 Immersion Assembly

S T O R Y  O F T H E D A Y

Hello Everyone guess who's back Riccchhhhaaarrdddd

Hi today is the day it is term 4 and term 3 is done and dusted also today we had our Immersion assembly today and its the first day of school also we had our time in the holidays enjoying our time but now its school time also we had some
great teachers creating movies also our new subjects for the term is Music Madness its about how can music affect for example team 1 teachers were on the stage and trying to act out move but when they were playing snap they said "Lets hear some music" so they play laughing music when they start laughing also like when the song affecting them also they a scary song and they got scared and they turn off the music immediately and yeah thats it also heres another example about music team 2 were singing in the jungle they singing like they were relaxing then after that the music changed into rock star music and started to get crazy then after that the music went to a soothing music then started to relax and

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Trip to see some Sea Creatures ( Flounder )

On the 27th of September witches today We went to Wai O Taiki Bay but we have to get ready and wait for the little kids like year 0 up to year 6 also we had karakia to keep us safe when we walk down once we walked down to the bay the grass was soggy and wet I was so angry that my shoes are wet but when i looked around the teachers were all prepared even my teacher were wearing his boots after we started to sing three waiata for the flounder so they can get cached and put into our tank so they can grow bigger then we release them to the beach so they can enjoy there life in the sea and after that they get eaten also when we finished singing our 3 waiata we walked backed     to school safe and sound then we split into our litreacy class to get our learning on

Image result for FlounderImage result for Flounder

Friday, 8 September 2017

Manaiakalani Film Festival

Hi Every in Pt England school that are working on there movie for Manaiakalani we are looking forward to watch your guys movies in in Team 5 Room are making a slow motion video our topic for our movies slow motion for example someone taking a video throwing a water balloon at other peoples face and when you slow it down you can see there moving like forming a shape like its shaking like that Song from Taylor Swift ( Shake it Off ) also my role for the movies is my tummy and face as a target so they can throw water balloon at me and other people will do the same thing like me so stay tune for more details about our Movies For Manaiakalani

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