Thursday, 1 March 2018


Hi this me I like these 4 things I love to worship and I am a proud samoan
I love watching goku and i love my family and this my animation 
that represents me

Thursday, 15 February 2018

How to prevent getting sick

Today our literacy class is writing about how to prevent getting sick. What it means is going to be writing about how to keep yourself healthy my 1st Idea is stay away from sick people cause you never if your to get sick and it’s really important to wash your hands every time when you finished coming from the toilet and also use soap and use clean water.

We can also get sick for getting dehydrated like if you don’t drink for 3 weeks your body will stop working and you end in hospital or somewhere else also you can get sick for touching door knobs like if someone else didn’t wipe there bum and touch the doorknob but you can a clough and open the door.

It’s really important to use sunscreen cause its really good for body and your face also legs and also saves your lives and other peoples also it keeps yourself from skin cancer that's why you should use sunscreen 24/7 but only use it when got to the beach or somewhere else

And these are my 3 ways to not get sick and kids Stay hydrated.

Thursday, 8 February 2018

Meeting new kids from team

Hi my name is Richard and this year is my last year I know its hard for me to leave but i'm leaving to college but at the same I want to leave and this is the best year cause there new kids from team 4 and team 5 to be honest it feels good having them at the same time there annoying its like having little brother and little sister but most of all they are all good and hard workers

I hope you have a lovely time reading my last year at pt england and meeting new kids